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Our people are our greatest asset.

Our Education Series

Cornell Hedge Fund prepares our analysts for success in the finance industry through our rigorous new member education and sophomore series. Through our rigorous 10-week New Member Education process, new members develop an in-depth understanding of accounting, financial modeling, and valuation techniques, equipping them with the necessary technical skills to become great investors. Then, through our Sophomore Series, sophomores continue to build upon their professional and technical skillsets, preparing them to excel in the recruiting process.


Our Six Funds

Consumer & Retail




The consumer goods sector is a category of stocks and companies that relate to items purchased by individuals and households rather than manufacturers and industries.

Sustainable Real Estate




Sustainable Real Estate covers private equity and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), traditional & niche asset classes, and sustainable development.


The industrial sector includes companies that produce capital goods used in manufacturing, resource extraction, and construction. Businesses in the industrial goods sector make and sell machinery, equipment, and supplies that are used to produce other goods rather than sold directly to consumers.





The technology, media, and telecom (TMT) sector includes companies focused on new technologies that depend on research and development. The segment is often divided into subsectors such as hardware, semiconductors, software, media, and telecom.





The healthcare sector is broadly comprised of pharmaceuticals, devices, health insurers, and more.





The credit fund covers various areas of credit analysis, including covenant analysis, capital structure analysis, and relative value, all on top of financial statement modeling for credit and building debt schedules. 

Past Stock Pitches

CHF TMT Pitch (Spring 2023)

CHF Credit Pitch (Fall 2022)

New York City Trips

Each semester, our members travel to NYC to visit three top finance firms, giving us access to private information sessions, building tours, and exclusive networking opportunities with Cornell alumni. Check out the firms we visited Fall 2022 and some photos from the trip below!

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